True Love

Story of how we met & became the couple of the century.

Ice Cold Engagement

A surprise engagement during a cold, rainy, but beautiful trip to Iceland.

Party Time

Can't wait for y'all to join is at our Weird Wedding!

The Story so Far

Merbear & Radmike got Engaged!!

October 11, 2016 at Öxarárfoss (Þingvellir, Iceland).

Time to Throw a Rad Party …

photo by sara s.

… on Friday the 13th !!

Spooky wedding on April 13, 2018.

photo by liam m.

The Future

Mer & Mike have journeyed through the mean streets of Brooklyn to the wilds of Iceland and back … and we're gonna have the best party ever!

True Love

Another Skeeball Love Story

Met on the Brewskee-Ball lanes at Full Circle Bar in Brooklyn, NY.

photo by brewskee-ball

Since New Year's Eve 2012!

Started dating after Becky's New Year's Party at babetown.

photo by jerome e.

Oh shit !!

Got swept away over the real, actual Niagara Falls in a barrel and survived (our first vacation together)!

Alternate title: Fallsin' in Love!"

Brooklyn Love Story

Found some cool graffiti and took a photo; at least a few people thought we were announcing our engagement (not quite yet, pals).

Ice Cold Engagement


Mike & Mer had talked about going to Iceland ever since the early days of their relationship. This trip was a birthday present for Meredith!

Wow! Such a Beautiful Country

Everywhere you looked the landscape was AMAZING.

Troll Hunters

Found some trolls in Reykjavik, but Meredith didn't know the surprise Mike had in store …

On the Way to the Eyrie

In Þingvellir National Park, Meredith thought we were just going to check out one of the Game of Thrones film locations (the Bloody Gate in the Vale of Arryn). Little did she suspect …

Cold as Ice

While enjoying the beautiful weather near the raging waters of Öxarárfoss, Mike asked Meredith if she wanted to get 'Weird Married.' She said yes! (well first she said "stop" … "are you fucking kidding?" … "stop").

Diamonds on Diamonds

There's a whole series of photos of Mer putting her hands on or in cold Icelandic nature to get artistic shots of dat bling. This was taken on Diamond Beach, where the black volcanic sand is covered in huge pieces of thousand-year-old ice from melting glaciers. She was cold.

Party Time

Get Fancy With Us

4/13/2018! Look out for more info to come, invitations, etc.

Oh Yes, There Will Be Dancing

So much dancing.